What I offer

I want to help you feel happier, healthier and enjoy life more. I offer a flexible approach to suit your individual, group or company’s needs. There is a lot of mixed, confusing, and sadly, often wrong, health information out there. My advice is based on the evidence from the best available scientific studies and medical guidelines.

Lifestyle Consultations

I am very happy to discuss the full range of medical conditions seen by a GP (which is pretty much everything!!)

Lifestyle consultations last between 60-90 minutes. Most NHS GP consultations last 10-15 minutes. In a lifestyle consultation, I have more time to talk about your health and to find out how your health is affecting your life.  We will talk about what you would like to improve and lifestyle treatment options. During a lifestyle consultation, I would not prescribe tablets. I would, instead, help you decide on realistic, achievable, lifestyle changes to improve your health. I will help you to make a plan for how to achieve your goals. This is a “lifestyle prescription”. I would be very happy to discuss medications and provide a copy of our consultation to share with your GP if that would be helpful (additional cost).

Behaviour change can feel difficult, but it doesn’t have to. I help you build your confidence with small, sustainable, lifestyle changes which will make you feel better.  I  help you to choose behaviour changes that you actually want to make, rather than feel that you should make. Multiple small changes can make a huge difference, as my previous clients will tell you (see the testimonials at the bottom of each page). I would also be there to support you through the inevitable ups and downs of making long-term lifestyle changes.

Sometimes people feel well-being is for other people, not them. I am keen to work with you, whoever you are. Whether you are unfit and overweight or an athlete. Whether you have one or more medical conditions. Whatever you have done or haven’t done in the past. None of it matters to me. If you want help, then I am here for you.


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What to expect

1-to-1 sessions: £90 per hour.

Free 15-minute video or telephone call

The initial assessment usually 90 minutes

Follow up usually 60 minutes 

I offer face-to-face appointments at the Modbury Therapy Centre https://www.modburytherapycentre.co.uk/

I also offer virtual appointments.

I always start with a free 15-minute video or telephone call. This is a chance for me to find out about you and for you to get to know me. We then decide together if I am the right person to help you now. I am happy to signpost to other services if that is more appropriate.

Next, I will help you to decide how I can best help you. Some people find regular support with weekly or fortnightly consultations feels right. Others prefer a more independent approach meeting every 1-3 months. This gives time between sessions to practice and find out what works well and not so well for you. Learning how to deal with slips up, unexpected life events and motivation problems, is all part of the process of making lifestyle changes. Some people may want a one-off consultation to discuss a particular issue. That’s fine too!



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